Bass Fishing Boats


Bass fishing boats are intended for catching bass, as the name implies. You may think any vessel could be used as a bass boat, but these boats are actually designed specifically for catching bass. With bass fishing being such a popular sport, it is important to understand how getting the correct boat can improve your catch. Having the right watercraft is essential for recreational fishing, but it is even more important if you plan on entering any tournaments.

Aluminum bass boats are some of the most popular varieties, but there are also many fiberglass options available as well. The price for bass pro boats depends mostly on the material used for the hull as well as the hull length. These boats can be affordable, but high-powered motors and accessories can increase the price quickly. As with any type of boat, buying a top-of-the-line model will be a large, yet worthwhile investment.

What are the characteristics of a bass fishing boat?

Bass boats are unique from other small motor boats in a few different ways. A boat for bass fishing is characterized by features such as:

  • A livewell. Most boats have at least one aerated live well that can be used to keep fish alive.
  • Comfortable chairs. A bass boat will usually have two to three pedestal chairs that swivel and have good padding.
  • A double console. This style of boat has the driving controls on the starboard side with a passenger seat on the opposite side.
  • A medium to long length. These boats are usually 16 to 25 feet in length.
  • A wide beam. When getting a bass boat, most anglers agree that a greater width (also called the beam) is beneficial.

What type of engine does a bass fishing boat have?

The typical bass boat will have an outboard motor at the stern as well as a trolling motor at the bow. Most recreational bass boats have outboard motors with 25 to 150 horsepower. Tournament boats, on the other hand, often have motors with 150 to 250 horsepower. The horsepower of a motor does not necessarily impact your fishing. A larger, more powerful motor will simply get you to your destination more quickly, which could give you the upper hand on popular lakes and rivers.

What are the types of bass fishing boats?

Bass boats are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass. The material used on a bass boat will affect the vessel’s weight and handling. If the hull is too light, the boat may sustain damage more easily and handle poorly. A needlessly heavy hull, on the other hand, will weigh you down. In general, fiberglass hulls are bigger and provide better handling. Aluminum bass boats are light weight, but also much sturdier than fiberglass boats.

What kind of fishing can I do on a bass fishing boat?

Bass fishing boats are intended to be used in freshwater. A bass boat is specifically designed for catching bass because it can maneuver in habitats that bass like. However, these boats can also be used in general for catching many types of fish.

How do I use a bass boat?

To use a fiberglass or aluminum bass boat, you will need to learn how to operate an outboard motor. In a bass boat, using a trolling motor is also required in shallow areas and in places where you do not want to scare the fish away. Learning how to raise and lower the outboard motor is helpful when operating in different depths of water.

Where can I use a bass fishing boat?

The best bass boats are designed for use on inland lakes and large rivers. Small bass boats will be better suited to smaller, shallower lakes. Larger boats can be used comfortably on large lakes and rivers with more chop or a stronger current. However, even the largest boats can be operated in very shallow water with the help of the trolling motor.

What are the advantages of using a bass boat?

Bass fishing boats are specifically designed to suit your bass fishing needs. The wide hull on a bass boat makes it stable and easily accessible. The fact that these boats can accommodate large motors makes it easier to get to your favorite fishing spot more quickly. With features like a built-in live well, you will have everything you need right on board.

What are the cons of using a bass fishing boat?

Even when you have a small bass boat, it may be too large for certain lakes. Bass boats may be restricted on lakes that have watercraft size limits. Unfortunately, many of these smaller lakes are great for bass fishing. With a larger boat, though, it is not possible to fish in these areas. Furthermore, these boats do not have a lot of seating, which makes them a poor choice for large families who want to fish together.

Who should consider using bass boats?

Bass boats are great for both casual and serious anglers. Many people who buy bass fishing boats participate in fishing tournaments. When it comes to casual fishing, these boats are relatively easy for beginners to operate under the supervision of an experienced boater.

How much do bass fishing boats cost?

A small bass boat with basic features will usually start around $10,000. If you add special bass boat features, the price can quickly add up. Top-of-the-line boats, especially those used for tournaments can easily cost as much as $55,000 or more.

What are the best bass fishing boat manufacturers?

When looking for fiberglass or aluminum bass boats, there are a number of different manufacturers to choose from. Some of the best bass boats are made by companies such as:

  • Tracker
  • Lund
  • Ranger
  • Nitro
  • Lowe

Where can I find bass pro boats?

Shopping for a bass fishing boat at a boat show is a popular option. You can also shop for bass pro aluminum boats at Bass Pro Shops as many new bass boats are available in these stores. It is also common to shop for used boats online by looking at eBay or Craigslist. When you are shopping, consider comparing these popular models:

  • Lowe Stinger 175
  • Nitro Z-6
  • Ranger Z21 I
  • Tracker Pro 160

Take a look at our comprehensive guide on buying a boat today for more tips.


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