A catamaran sailboat is a multi-hull boat with many different uses. Catamaran manufacturers produce a number of different boat styles that are suited to different sailing and boating needs. Some catamarans can be used for fishing, while others are used as luxury vessels or racing boats. Getting a versatile catamaran means that you can use it for many different purposes.

Catamaran sailboats and fishing vessels tend to be large and expensive, but the price can depend on the intended use of the boat. Certain brands, such as a lagoon catamaran, are associated with luxury and sailing. Other types of catamarans are better known for fishing or cruising. The price of a catamaran will vary greatly depending on the style of boat you buy. Smaller vessels designed for fishing will be more cost-effective. Large sailboats and yachts are worthy investments if you have the money to spend.

What are the characteristics of a catamaran boat?

Catamaran manufacturers each use different features and characteristics to make their boats unique. Regardless of whether you have a small catamaran for fishing or a large boat for sailing or cruising, it will be easily identified by the presence of two hulls. In addition to this feature, catamarans have:

  • A frame connecting the hulls.
  • A flat deck.
  • A length of 14 to 100 feet.
  • Fiberglass or aluminum hull materials.
  • A dual or center console.

What type of engine does a power catamaran have?

Catamaran boats are either operated by twin outboard motors or an inboard motor. Power catamarans run only on an engine, while sailboat styles are propelled by sails in addition to a motor. It is common to find engines with a combined rating of 400 to 1,000 horsepower.

What are the types of catamaran boats?

Catamaran manufacturers produce a wide range of boats, giving fishermen and boating enthusiasts plenty of choices. The most common catamaran boat variations include the following:

  • Fishing catamaran: A type of power boat that is designed for offshore and nearshore fishing. These boats tend to be smaller and more utilitarian than their luxury counterparts.
  • Catamaran ferry: A large catamaran-style boat designed for transporting passenger cars or cargo across waterways. Ferries are not used by individual boaters.
  • Racing catamarans: These boats feature a streamlined design with sails and a mesh net between the hulls. As the name implies, this type of boat is used exclusively for racing, as there is no solid deck.
  • Sailing catamaran: A type of catamaran with a tall mast and large sails. These boats have spacious decks and usually feature comfortable cabins.
  • Catamaran yacht: Yachts are large, expensive boats with many luxury features. A yacht can have sails or a motor, but it is usually not categorized as a sailboat even when it does have sails.

What kind of fishing can I do on a catamaran boat?

Catamaran boats are best suited for offshore and nearshore fishing. These vessels, especially sailboat catamarans, are versatile enough to be used for many activities on the ocean. In addition to fishing, you can go cruising, racing or sailing depending on the type and size of your boat.

How do I use a catamaran sailboat or power boat?

Larger catamaran boats will require a captain and, in most cases, at least one mate or crew member, while smaller boats can often be operated by one person. Power catamarans will simply require that you know how to operate outboard or inboard motors. Before buying a sailboat variety, you will need to learn the process of sailing.

Where can I use catamaran boats?

Catamaran sailboats and other varieties are designed to be operated on the open ocean. Lagoon catamarans and other large varieties do not perform well for inshore or nearshore fishing due to their size. Because catamarans have the capacity to travel long distances, they are great for long excursions and weekend fishing trips.

What are the advantages of using a small catamaran?

Many boaters prefer a catamaran boat because it offers a smoother ride than a mono-hull boat. With two hulls, catamaran sailboats and other twin-hull styles have less contact with the water, which creates less resistance.

What are the cons of using a catamaran sailboat?

When operating sailing catamarans, you need to be aware of the boat’s clearance in certain areas. Catamaran sailboats are somewhat difficult to use in areas where you need to cross under a lot of bridges and other structures. It is also common to dislike catamarans because their appearance is different than that of mono-hull boats.

Who should consider using a catamaran sailboat?

Catamaran boats are suited for experienced boaters. A catamaran sailboat can be an interesting and unique boat for sailors to operate. Catamarans of any style are great for large groups of friends or family due to the ample deck space these boats offer.

How much does a catamaran sailboat cost?

Catamaran boats can be quite expensive due to their size and the presence of luxury features in many models. Yacht catamarans and sailboat varieties tend to be the most expensive, with prices ranging from $500,000 to more than $10 million for a top-of-the-line boat. Smaller boats, such as those designed for fishing, tend to cost less than $200,000. Download our boat-buying mini guide for helpful tips on purchasing your first boat today.

What are the best catamaran manufacturers?

When shopping for a catamaran sailboat or any other variety, there are many manufacturers to choose from. Certain brands, such as Lagoon catamarans, are better-known than others. In addition to Lagoon brand boats, other well-known manufacturers are:

  • World Cat
  • Leopard
  • Glacier Bay
  • Insetta
  • Aquila
  • Bali
  • Calcutta

Where can I find a catamaran sailboat or power boat?

Many catamaran manufacturers allow customers to tour a showroom to get a better idea of what features they want in a boat. When shopping for used Lagoon catamarans or any other brand, online resources such as or are helpful places to start. Boaters can also review these popular models for a better idea of the features available in a catamaran:

  • World Cat 320CC
  • Freeman 37VH
  • Aquila 36
  • Insetta 45
  • Calcutta 390


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