Center Console Boats


Center console boats are some of the most popular fishing boats on the market today. Center console fishing boats come in numerous sizes, which makes them well-suited to nearly any type of fishing. Some boats are large enough to travel far offshore for deep sea fishing, while others are small enough that they can easily be operated on freshwater lakes and ocean inlets. Not only do these boats make good fishing vessels, they can also work well as family boats. A center console boat will often have good seating options and a few basic amenities that families and fishermen enjoy having.

Custom center console boats are made by numerous manufacturers, which makes it easy to find a new or used vessel that suits your needs. Center console boat covers are also widely available when you want to protect your boat. Having the correct cover will help keep your boat in good condition when in storage.

What are the characteristics of a center console boat?

Center console boats are unique from many other boat styles due to the location of the console. With the helm of a center console boat being in the middle of the vessel, there is plenty of room to walk all the way around the boat with ease. This is why center consoles are so popular for fishermen. They offer some of the best deck accessibility of any boat style. In addition to having a centered helm, these boats are also characterized by:

  • A short to long length. Center console boats can range widely in length from 14 feet to more than 50 feet.
  • An open deck. These boats provide walking room all around the cockpit.
  • Fishing accessories. Most center consoles have live wells, fish boxes, rod storage and other features that anglers need.
  • A helm top. Center consoles usually have a hard top or canvas top that protects the helm from sun and rain.

What type of engine does a center console fishing boat have?

Fishing boats with center consoles usually have outboard motors or a stern drive. Depending on the size of a center console boat, it can have one to four outboard motors. The engine or motors in a center console can have anywhere from 200 to 1,200 horsepower. Vessels shorter than 26 feet in length are more likely to have a horsepower of less than 400.

What are the types of center console boats?

Most center console fishing boats have fiberglass hulls. Because a center console boat is such a popular design, there are various different hull shapes that you can choose from in your boat. Most have deep-V or modified-V hulls. You can also find boats with cathedral or tunnel hulls, among other shapes.

What kind of fishing can I do on a center console boat?

The best small center console boats can be used for inshore and backwater fishing. The largest center console boats are capable of handling offshore fishing, which allows you to catch many different types of sport fish and game fish. Because these boats are designed with fishing in mind, you will have easy access to all the fishing gear and storage you need.

How do I use a center console fishing boat?

Using a center console boat requires that you can operate an outboard or inboard motor. Small center console fishing boats are relatively easy for beginners to operate due to their size. To use a larger vessel, particularly for offshore fishing, more experience is required.

Where can I use a center console boat?

Depending on the type of center console boat you have, it can easily be used in nearly any environment. Center console boats can be used inshore, nearshore and offshore in the ocean. In fresh water, you can operate smaller boats on lakes and large rivers. Note that it is more common to use these boats in the ocean regardless of their size.

What are the advantages of using center console fishing boats?

A center console boat has many different features that make fishing more fun, safe and enjoyable. Most center console boats have self-draining cockpits that make cleanup easier. Furthermore, the ability to move freely about the deck makes it easier to fish. Larger vessels commonly have cabins with galley kitchens and other essentials. Even small boats also have basic amenities such as toilets.

What are the cons of using center console boats?

A center console boat makes an excellent fishing boat, but it is not as versatile as other boats on the market. Because so many features of center console boats are geared towards fishing, they are not a general-purpose boat, which some buyers want. Figure out what to look for when you buy your next boat by downloading our helpful guide.

Who should consider using a center console boat?

Center console fishing boats are great choices for people who are serious about fishing. A center console boat can function as a family boat, but it is a better option for people who are mainly interested in fishing.

How much does a center console boat cost?

Some of the best small center console boats are available for $30,000 to $200,000. Used center console boats are often much more affordable, with small used vessels ranging in price from $10,000 to $60,000. Larger boats are more expensive. Prices for large new boats usually fall between $300,000 and $900,000.

What are the best small center console boat manufacturers?

To find the best value center console boat, it may be necessary to compare multiple brands of boats. Center console boats are highly-popular, which makes it easy to shop around. Consider the following manufacturers when making a decision:

  • Sea Born
  • Yamaha
  • Grady-White
  • Mako
  • Pursuit
  • Robalo
  • Sailfish
  • Scout

Where can I find a center console boat?

Shopping for a center console boat can be done online or by visiting a manufacturer’s showroom. You can also find a center console boat cover online from marketplaces such as Amazon. Browse top-selling boat covers on Amazon here. Center consoles are extremely popular fishing boats. As a result, you will usually find multiple options no matter where you live. If you are unsure which features you want in a boat, compare these popular models:

  • Grady-White Fisherman 236
  • Pursuit C238
  • Contender 39Fisharound
  • Scout 255LXF
  • Sea Born SX 239


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