Dual Console Boats


Dual console boats have two console seats separated by a passage that leads to additional seating in the bow of the boat. Dual console fishing boats are a popular option for some anglers. When a boater cannot decide between the many types of boats available, a dual console is usually a good choice. These boats can come with many different features that make them suitable for fishing or watersports such as wakeboarding. When a dual console boat is not already geared for fishing, it can be outfitted with a few additional features that make it better-suited for fishing.

The best dual console boat can be used for nearly any type of fishing or watersport. Dual console models come in various different lengths as well. Larger models can be used on the ocean, while many shorter boats are best for lakes, rivers and other inland waterways.

What are the characteristics of a dual console boat?

Dual console fishing boats are somewhat similar to other boats such as bowriders and runabouts. However, a dual console boat can usually be distinguished by the fact that it has twin consoles. In most dual consoles, the controls are on the starboard side, while the port side has a passenger seat or a console that provides access to a lower cabin or a toilet. The sophistication of these features depends on the length of a boat. Smaller dual-console boats, such as those in the 16 to 22-foot range have very few, if any amenities. Larger boats, which are often around 30 feet in length, can have full cabins beneath the deck.

What type of engine does a dual console boat have?

A dual console fishing boat can have a few different types of engines depending on the model. In most cases, dual console boats have between 300 and 600 horsepower. Common engine types include:

  • Single outboard motors.
  • Twin outboard motors.
  • Stern drives.

What are the differentmodels of dual console boats?

Most dual console boats have fiberglass hulls. However, aluminum dual console boats are available on the market as well. It is important to be aware that the term “dual console” can apply to the console layout in many different kinds of boats. For example, many bass fishing boats have a dual console. Even if a boat has a dual console setup, it might be categorized as a different, specific type of boat, not just a dual console.

What kind of fishing can I do on dual console boats?

A dual console fishing boat can be used for many different types of fishing in both fresh and saltwater. Anglers who buy a dual console boat should be aware that not all models come with standard fishing equipment. It may be necessary to add certain features to make the fishing experience more enjoyable.

How do I use a dual consolefishing boat?

To use a dual console boat, you will need to be familiar with an outboard or stern-drive motor. Most dual console fishing boats are small enough that you can operate them on your own. Larger vessels, such as those 30 feet in length, may require the help of a mate.

Where can I use dual console boats?

A dual console fishing boat can be used on nearly any type of water, provided that your boat is the right size for the task at hand. Small boats, such as a scout dual console 175 sport dorado, will be well-suited to inland lakes as well as inshore boating in the ocean. You can use larger vessels for trips farther off-shore in the ocean.

What are the advantages of using a dual console boat?

The best dual console boats will be able to handle family activities as well as fishing pursuits. With a large seating area at the bow of a dual console boat, passengers who do not want to fish can relax instead. Anglers have plenty of room at the back to cast off.

What are the cons of using a dual console boat?

Because dual console boats are usually considered general-purpose vessels, you may have to compromise certain features and performance areas. For example, a dual console fishing boat can function as a pulling boat for wakeboarders. As a result, this boat may not have all of the features you want for fishing. To outfit a dual console boat for fishing, you will need to spend extra money on the gear and storage you need. Furthermore, these boats oftentimes have carpeting on the deck, which can be difficult to clean.

Who should consider using dual console fishing boats?

A dual-console boat is a great choice for those who want an all-purpose vessel. Dual console fishing boats are versatile enough to function well as a family boat or a fishing boat as long as the right equipment is on board.

How much does a dual console boat model cost?

Dual console boats are oftentimes affordable options when compared to other boats of similar sizes. When buying a new dual console model, expect to pay between $30,000 and $200,000. Because dual consoles are popular, it is easy to find many different used boats on the market if you want a better deal. Learn how to shop for the best boat for you by downloading our comprehensive guide.

What are the best dual console boat manufacturers?

Dual console fishing boats are very popular models and are available from numerous manufacturers. The best dual console boats are available from brands including:

  • Cobia
  • Maverick
  • Grady-White
  • Everglades
  • Pursuit
  • Scout
  • Boston Whaler
  • EdgeWater

Where can I find dual console boats?

When shopping for a dual console boat, attending a boat show is a great way to compare different models. Because there are many different types of dual console fishing boats available, you will likely want to compare multiple brands before making a choice. Each brand is known for including different features that you may want to review. Start by comparing these popular models to see which features you may want in your own boat:

  • Pursuit Dual Console 325
  • Edgewater 280CX
  • Scout 275 Dorado
  • Cobia 220 Dual Console
  • Striper 230 Dual Console


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