Fishing Licenses in Nebraska


A recreational fishing license is required by all residents and nonresidents in Nebraska older than 16 years old. Also known as a sport fishing license or permit, the license enables fishermen to fish in any of the state’s 450 freshwater lakes or streams open to the public. However, fishermen must purchase a different game fishing license to fish in private waters and receive special permission to buy, a commercial license to sell or transport fish for profit from wild fisheries.

Since game and fish fishing license details depend on various factors, you must understand which license to request. Additionally, you should review the sections below to find answers regarding commercial fishing license price, requirements and other pertinent fishing license information.

Who needs a fishing license in Nebraska?

To determine if you need a freshwater fishing permit in the state, you must first understand the differences between the types of licenses. In NE, residents and nonresidents older than 16 years old must have a game fishing license if they intend to fish in public and private waters in the state. Children and teens younger than 16 years old must be accompanied by a licensed adult to fish but may not be required to buy recreational licenses of their own. Any angler engaging in commercial put and take fishing must purchase commercial fishing permits to receive permission.

Nebraska Fishing License Requirements

The NE Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) issues and sets the regulations for each commercial and recreational freshwater fishing license in the state. According to the NGPC, both residents and nonresidents are eligible for recreational fishing licenses if they are 16 years old or older, but younger residents may be eligible for lifetime fishing and combination licenses. A resident and non-resident freshwater fishing license automatically includes an aquatic stamp in the purchasing price of the permit and must be maintained and replaced when necessary.

Types of Fishing Licenses in Nebraska

While recreational saltwater licenses are not sold, anglers can attain NE freshwater fishing licenses for varying durations. A list of every recreational freshwater fishing license available in NE is provided below:

  • Temporary fishing licenses.
  • Annual fishing licenses.
  • Combination game and fish licenses.
  • Multi-year fishing licenses.
  • Multi-year combination licenses.
  • Lifetime fishing licenses.
  • Lifetime combination licenses.

Commercial fishing licenses are also available for purchase.Temporary, multi-year and annual commercial fishing permits are available to residents and nonresidents for various commercial fishing activities like commercial put and take and inland commercial fishing.

What types of fish can I catch with fishing licenses in Nebraska?

With a basic recreational fishing license, you can catch numerous trophy fish such as alewife, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bowfin, carp, catfish and crappie.

What types of fish require special fishing permits or tags in Nebraska?

Special archery paddlefish permits,in addition to commercial or game fishing licenses, must be obtained through random drawings to sanction the harvest of paddlefish from NE waters.

How long is a fishing license valid in Nebraska?

A recreational fishing license is valid for the period in which the permit states. For instance, you may purchase a one or three-day sport fishing license or one that lasts for a year or multiple years. Additionally, you may purchase lifetime freshwater fishing permits that will not expire at any age in NE, even if you move out of the state.

How much does a Nebraska fishing license cost?

The NE freshwater fishing license cost depends on the type of license you get and whether you are a resident or nonresident. A list of all recreational fishing licenses available in the state and their current fees is as follows:

  • One-day licenses
    • $10 residents
    • $13 non-residents
  • Three-day licenses
    • $31 residents
    • $37 non-residents
  • Annual resident freshwater fishing license-$38
  • Annual nonresident freshwater fishing license -$76
  • Annual combination game and fish fishing licenses
    • $52 residents
    • $159 non-residents
  • Three-year licenses
    • $90.50 residents
    • $192.50 non-residents
  • Three-year combination licenses
    • $191 residents
    • $480 non-residents
  • Five-year licenses
    • $132 residents
    • $286 non-residents
  • Five-year combination licenses
    • $285 residents
    • $710non-residents

Resident and nonresident recreational lifetime fishing licenses are available as well.If you are wondering, “How much is a freshwater fishing license that lasts indefinitely?” then you should look below:

  • Ages 0 to 15
    • $616 residents
    • $929 non-residents
  • Ages 16 to 45 -$710 (residents only)
  • Ages 46 and older -$616 (residents only)
  • Ages 17 and older -$1306 (non-residents only)

You can find resident and non-resident fees for commercial fishing licenses based on each license type online.

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Are fishing license discounts available in Nebraska?

Anglers may also procure a special recreational fishing license for veterans 64 years or older, disabled veterans and deployed service members at reduced or no cost. Additionally, senior and youth NE fishing licenses may be purchased at lowered costs.

Where can I get a fishing license in Nebraska?

You can order a recreational fishing license online, or purchase a new fishing license at a permit vendor. You can locate a list of all available freshwater fishing license vendors online to help you find the closest vendor is accessible.

How can I replace my Nebraska fishing license?

A lost lifetime sport fishing license may be replaced by contacting the NGPC. Duplicate paper NE fishing licenses will cost$8. All other freshwater fishing permits can be replaced using the NGPC online licensing system available.


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