Fishing Licenses in Oklahoma


Anglers who purchase a recreational fishing license in Oklahoma help fund the Department of Wildlife Conservation in the state that supports the preservation and protection of local fish and wildlife. Therefore, every purchase of a sport fishing license helps improve wildlife conservation efforts in the state.

OK residents and nonresidents should purchase a game fishing license before fishing in public or private waters for recreational purposes. However, a commercial fishing license is required for residents and nonresidents hoping to harvest and sell fish for profit. Anglers should refer to the sections below to discover any other freshwater fishing questions they may have.

Who needs a fishing license in Oklahoma?

Residents at least 16 years old and nonresidents 14 years old or older are required to have a valid recreational fishing license if they are taking or attempting to take and possess fish or other aquatic species using any method for personal use in OK. However, nonresidents from any of the following states must have a sport fishing license if they are 16 years old or older:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin



Occasionally, anglers will also need to have special permits like a land access permit in addition to a game fishing license to legally fish in certain areas. Anglers exempt from needing a recreational fishing license include anglers fishing on their own land, some disabled OK veterans, residents or children residing in a state or county institution and anglers fishing during free fishing days.

Oklahoma Fishing License Requirements

Anglers must apply to receive a game and fish fishing license in OK. Age and residency determine which OK fishing licenses, if any, anglers should obtain. For instance, residents and nonresidents older than 17 years old may purchase regular fishing licenses whereas only residents between the ages of 16 and 17 may receive a lifetime fishing license from a parent or guardian. All anglers fishing in public or private waters must have and maintain all required recreational fishing licenses, proof of exemptions and identification and be ready to present them upon request.

Types of Fishing Licenses in Oklahoma

A freshwater fishing license comes in various forms in OK. Residents and nonresidents have different options when choosing a freshwater fishing permit, but plenty of recreational and commercial fishing licenses are available to both residents and nonresidents. The following list contains all types of recreational fishing licenses anglers may purchase:

  • Annual fishing licenses
  • Annual and fiscal-year combination game and fish fishing licenses (residents only)
  • Youth annual and fiscal-year combination licenses (residents only)
  • Five-year fishing licenses (residents only)
  • Five-year combination licenses (residents only)
  • Lifetime licenses (residents only)
  • Lake Texoma fishing license
  • Paddlefish license
  • Land access permit for Honobia Creek and Three Rivers
  • Two-day fishing license (residents only)
  • Three-day land access permit (residents only)
  • Six-day fishing license (nonresidents only)
  • One-day fishing license (nonresidents only)

Commercial fishing license types include the fishing guide and aqua-cultural licenses.

What types of fish can I catch with fishing licenses in Oklahoma?

While all fishing locations in OK have different rules regarding the collection of fish, a basic freshwater fishing license grants anglers permission to harvest various freshwater fish from the state’s waters. Anglers with a recreational fishing license can find shad, eel, sunfish, buffalo, crappie, catfish, trout, gar and chub fish, to name a few. Anglers with commercial fishing licenses can expect to find and harvest similar species.

What types of fish require special fishing permits or tags in Oklahoma?

OK state fishing laws prohibit commercial and recreational freshwater fishing license holders from harvesting paddlefish without a paddlefish permit.

How long is a fishing license valid in Oklahoma?

The validity periods of OK sport fishing licenses depend on the type of license. All annual recreational fishing licenses are effective from Jan. 1 until Dec. 31 each year, and fiscal-year licenses are valid from July 1 until June 30. Commercial guide licenses, land access permits, paddlefish licenses and Lake Texoma licenses last from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 as well. A lifetime resident freshwater fishing license lasts indefinitely whereas licenses with specific time-limits are effective from the date of purchase until the end of listed fishing period (e.g., five years). Day licenses must be used consecutively after anglers decide to fish.

How much does an Oklahoma fishing license cost?

Anglers asking,“How much is a freshwater fishing license?” should first determine which type of license they would like to purchase. The recreational freshwater fishing license cost for each type of licenses is as follows:

  • Annual
    • $25 (residents)
    • $55 (nonresidents)
  • Annual combination: $42
  • Fiscal-year combination: $53
  • Two-day: $15
  • Youth annual: $5
  • Lake Texoma: $12
  • Land access
    • $40 (residents)
    • $85 (nonresidents)
  • Three-day land access: $10
  • Six-day: $35
  • One-day: $15
  • Youth annual combination: $19
  • Five-year: $88
  • Five-year combination: $148
  • Lifetime: $225
  • Lifetime combination: $775

The commercial fishing license price for fishing guide licenses is $90, and the price for aquaculture licenses is $10.

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Are fishing license discounts available in Oklahoma?

Discounts on resident recreational fishing licenses are available to disabled veterans for combination lifetime licenses and to senior citizens 65 years old or older for both lifetime fishing and lifetime combination licenses. Disabled residents may also receive discounted sport fishing licenses for a maximum of five-year periods. Commercial fishing license discounts are offered to Coast Guard Mariners for fishing guide licenses.

Where can I get a fishing license in Oklahoma?

Anglers may purchase a resident or nonresident freshwater fishing license online, at a licensed dealer or by calling the OK Wildlife Department.

Note: Anglers will be charged a $3 convenience fee when purchasing OK fishing licenses online.

How can I replace my Oklahoma fishing license?

To replace lifetime or senior recreational fishing licenses, anglers must complete a specific form. For annual or five-year OK fishing licenses, anglers must complete a different application. And, finally, disabled residents may replace their licenses using their designated form.


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