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The best game boat will be capable of nearly any offshore or deep-sea fishing operation. Game fishing boats are outfitted with some of the best fishing gear of any recreational vessel on the market. Note that these boats can go by several different names including sportfishing boats or convertible boats, which are very similar in style.

Many people hear the term “game boat” and associate it with games rather than a type of fishing boat. There are many different boat games that you can play online. Some ship games provide educational opportunities. For example, various online simulators allow you to try out practical boating skills such as docking a ship or navigating in the ocean. Speed boat games, on the other hand, are usually racing games that simply offer entertainment value. There are countless games like this, which is why it is important to distinguish them from this type of fishing boat.

What are the characteristics of a game boat?

A game fishing boat has a shape and other features that makes it unique from many other vessels on the market. The best game boat will be characterized by the following:

  • A long length. These boats are typically 31 to 60 or more feet in length.
  • A cabin. The enclosed cabin at the front of this boat offers sleeping quarters, a galley and other amenities that are necessary for overnight trips.
  • Flybridge controls. This configuration features an open deck above the cabin, which provides an unobstructed view of all areas of the boat.
  • A tower. Game boats with towers provide ample visibility for spotting fish in offshore fishing operations.

What type of engine does a gamefishing boat have?

Game boats usually have a single inboard motor. Larger game fishing boats can have multiple motors. It is common to find engines with 1,000 to 2,600 horsepower. With powerful engines, these boats can travel at up to 40 knots or more, depending on the size of the boat. These boats can either have gas or diesel engines.

What are the types of gamefishing boats?

Game boats usually have fiberglass hulls, but there are some boats made from wood covered with epoxy as well. Game ships can also have some variations in the configuration of the tower and other fishing features. Most boats have a tower with two tiers, but some have a tower with just one level. Furthermore, some models also have outriggers, which are long poles that help hold fishing line away from the boat. Note that not all models have this feature.

What kind of fishing can I do on a game boat?

Game fishing boats are designed to go offshore fishing. As the game boat’s name implies, this type of vessel is meant for catching big game fish including marlin, sailfish, tuna and other similar species. The ruggedness and seaworthiness of these boats makes them well-suited for the most intense types of fishing.

How do I use a game boat?

Game fishing boats are large enough that you will need a captain as well as a mate or two to safely operate the boat. Game boats also require that you know how to operate an inboard motor.

Where can I use game boats?

The best game boat will excel as an offshore, deep sea fishing vessel. Most game boats are too large to be used for inland or inshore fishing. These vessels are designed specifically for saltwater boating.

What are the advantages of using a game boat?

The best game boat offers benefits such as great fishing gear as well as a large cabin. Having a game boat means that you can take long fishing trips without sacrificing comfort or basic needs. There is plenty of room for a crew to ride aboard one of these boats. In addition to many luxury features on some models, you can have useful fishing gear such as:

  • Aerated live wells
  • Fish lockers
  • Freezers for bait
  • Outriggers
  • Rod holders

What are the cons of using a gameship?

Game fishing boats are great for fishing trips and long cruises, but they are expensive compared to other boats that work well for fishing. A game boat is usually classified as a yacht, which means that it is common for these boats to have high-end features. While this makes a trip more comfortable, it also can make these boats expensive.

Who should consider using a game boat?

The best game boats are large and highly technical vessels, meaning that they are best-suited to experienced fishermen. Game boats are excellent choices for anglers who are serious about fishing. These vessels are considered one of the best types of fishing boats, and serious fishermen will not be dissatisfied having this type of boat. These boats have a lot of room on board, which makes them suitable for large families or groups of friends.

How much does the best game boat cost?

Game fishing boats can be quite expensive. However, due to the benefits of a game boat, these vessels are a worthy investment for those who want a serious fishing boat. It is common to find new boats that cost between $500,000 to well over $1 million. Used boats, however, are much more affordable. A used boat can usually be purchased for $30,000 to $250,000.

What are the best game boat manufacturers?

Game boats are manufactured by a number of different brands. Some of the top game boat brands include the following:

  • Huckins
  • Hatteras
  • Viking
  • Maritimo
  • Spencer
  • Bertram
  • Sagitta
  • Merrit
  • Cabo

Where can I find game fishing boats?

The best game boats can be found online from marketplaces such as, and, among others. Anything from inflatable boats to sportfishing vessels can be found from marketplaces such as these. You can also visit manufacturers’ showrooms in order to see these boats in person and take a sea trial. When shopping around, compare popular models such as these to see which features you want in your own boat:

  • HuckinsSportfisherman 44
  • Viking 55 Convertible
  • Jarret Bay 46
  • Bertram Irish Beaute
  • Hatteras GT70 Convertible

Before purchasing a fishing boat, get the information you need to make an informed decision by downloading our guide on how to buy a boat here.


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