How to Land a Fish


How to land a fish varies depending on the size of your catch and whether you choose to use a landing net. To play and land a fish with a net, you can easily guide the fish into the net before pulling it out from the water. However, you may land a fish without a net if you prefer, especially if your catch is small. When landing a fish with sharp teeth, however, a net is recommended.

Furthermore, the landing a fish penalty is something you will need to keep in mind if you plan to participate in any upcoming Major League Fishing (MLF) competitions. When you land a catch as part of an MLF tournament, the fish you catch may only touch your hands or forearms, and the fish cannot hit the floor of the boat. For helpful tips on how to land a fish, review the information below.

What does it mean to play and land a fish?

The process of playing and landing a fish is completed one after the other, as “playing” or “fighting” the fish refers to the action of reeling it in. Landing a fish refers to getting your catch out of the water and into your boat or livewell container.When landing your catch, you may or may not choose to use a landing net. However, the fish must be “played” (or exhausted) and ready to be “landed” before you can bring it in.

How can I tell if I am ready to land a fish?

When you play and land a fish, you need to pay close attention to the fish’s body position, as this will help you to determine whether it is a good time to begin the landing process. Before landing a fish, for instance, you need to ensure that the fish is no longer swimming and fighting, as this shows that the fish is not yet ready to be landed and will continue to put up a fight. However, you can land your catch as soon as the fish breaks the surface of water and lays flat on its side. If you cannot see the fish clearly, you will be able to feel when the fish exhausts itself and rolls over in the water.

How can I land a fish without a net?

When landing a fish, you may choose to not use a net if you are catching smaller fish species or fish that do not have sharp teeth. When landing your catch without a net, you simply need to bring yourself closer to the end of your fishing line, place your hand in the water to dampen your fingers, and gently grab the fish below its belly to remove the hook from its mouth. However, if you choose to hold the fish, you must be careful to avoid removing the fish’s protective coating with your hands.

How can I play and land a fish with a net?

If landing a fish with sharp teeth or if the fish is large and heavy, is important to use a fishing net as you remove the hook from the fish’s mouth. When landing your catch, for instance, you may use a landing net, as these handheld nets are available in a variety of sizes and materials. If playing and landing a fish for catch and release purposes, however, rubber nets are ideal, as they are less likely to harm your catch. To land a fish with a net, you must:

  1. Place the net into the water as you guide the fish into the net head first.
  2. If you cannot immediately guide the fish into the net, do not chase it around with the net. Chasing the fish with a net can scare it, spike its adrenaline and lower its chances of survival.
  3. Using a pliers or hook removal tool, remove the hook from the fish’s mouth. If you plan to release the fish back into the water, keep the fish in the water as you remove the hook. If you plan to harvest the fish, you may remove the fish from the water and store it in a livewell container.
  4. If you need to land two hooked fish, you will need to scoop each fish from the water separately. Additionally, you should not keep two fish in the net at one time, as doing so will tangle your lines.

What are the benefits of landing a fish with a net?

While you may land a fish without a net if you prefer, there are several benefits of using a net to get your catch out of the water. When landing your catch with a net, for instance, your fish is less likely to get away. Additionally, landing your fish with a net is safer and neater than doing so with only your hands.Furthermore, a net will help you to get your fish into your boat or live well container in less time.

How can I land a fish when fly fishing?

To land your catch using a fly rod and reel,the process differs from that of using a spinning rod and reel. However, landing your catch with a fly rod is similar to the process of casting with a fly rod and reel, as the entire length of the rod is also used to land fish. When landing a fish with a fly rod, for instance, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Wade into the shallow water, choosing a safe landing location without snags or steep banks.
  2. Use the fly rod to apply side pressure and increase tension in the line.
  3. Use the fly rod to pull the fish closer to you, lifting the rod in an upward motion.
  4. Raise the rod, as this will help to lift the fish’s head from the water, pullingthe fish closer to you and making it easier to land.
  5. Once the fish begins to roll over near the surface of water, hold a landing net beneath the fish and guide it directly into the net.


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