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Trawler boats are frequently used for commercial fishing, but there are also recreational vessels that resemble commercial boats. The best trawler boat will be able to go on long cruises and perform well as a large fishing boat. Trawlers have large fuel tanks and comfortable cabins that make them perfect for family getaways. Most people buy these boats because they want to take extended trips, but they can make excellent fishing boats with the right gear.

Many people wonder “What is a trawler fishing boat?” and want to know how a recreational vessel differs from the more familiar commercial boats. A commercial trawler boat has a smaller cabin and trawling nets that are meant to catch large numbers of fish. Recreational vessels also have cabins, but they do not have any heavy-duty fishing equipment. The term “trawler yachts” more accurately describes the vessels used by private boaters.

What are the characteristics of a trawler boat?

A fishing trawler is a rugged powerboat that can handle rough seas and long journeys. Trawler fishing boats have large cabins that are suitable for somewhat extended stays. These boats are also characterized by:

  • A long length. Average trawlers are 26 to 50 feet in length, while some boats are 60 feet in length or more.
  • A wide deck. The beam, or width, of these boats ranges from eight to 15 or more feet across.
  • An upper deck. Trawler boats almost always have a deck with additional seating areas above the cabin and helm.
  • Amenities. These boats usually have full amenities such as a galley, shower, toilet, sleeping quarters and more.
  • A displacement hull. This hull style is rounded and offers a slower, yet smoother ride.

What type of engine does a trawler boat have?

A trawler yacht will usually have an inboard engine or a pair of inboard engines. In trawler boats that are less than 40 feet in length, you can usually choose between a diesel or gas-powered motor. Longer boats typically only have diesel engines, which provides better fuel efficiency and torque. Because these boats are large and have a displacement hull, they can only reach 10 to 15 miles per hour on average. However, the fuel capacity of a trawler boat allows it to be used for long distances.

What are the types of trawler boats?

Trawler fishing boats almost always have a round displacement hull. Some trawler manufacturers, though, make boats with semi-displacement hulls. This hull shape makes it easier to travel at faster speeds. Some boats with semi-displacement hull shapes can reach 35 miles per hour. Trawlers commonly have hulls made of aluminum or fiberglass. Wooden trawler boats also exist, but these are less common. Commonly mistaken for a trawler, a troller boat is a similar sort of fishing boat that uses a large number of individual lines. These lines are either equipped with baited hooks or lures.

What kind of fishing can I do on a trawler fishing boat?

Both a troller boat and trawler boats can be used for a few different types of saltwater fishing. Because recreational trawler boats are designed for cruising in offshore waters, you can fish for nearly any species that lives in these environments.

How do I use trawler boats?

Trawler fishing boats are large enough that you will usually need to have at least one mate in order to operate the vessel safely. To use a trawler boat, it is also necessary that you are familiar with running an inboard engine.

Where can I use a trawler boat?

Trawler yachts are designed for long cruises on the open ocean. Due to the large size of a trawler boat, it does not perform as well for inland or nearshore boating as smaller boats.

What are the advantages of using a trawlerfishing boat?

Trawler boats oftentimes have large, comfortable cabins that make them well-suited to long trips on the ocean. For that reason, a trawler yacht makes a great boat for vacations, weekend trips and cruises. The amenities in a trawler are often better than those on boats with smaller cabins, such as cuddy cabin and walkaround boats. The combination of an upper deck and lower deck also means that there is plenty of room for entertaining or relaxing on a trawler.

What are the cons of using a trawler boat?

Recreational trawler yachts are based on trawlers used for commercial fishing operations. While a commercial trawler boat is excellent for fishing, recreational vessels are not designed with fishing in mind. Anglers who want a boat just for fishing will often find that trawlers lack many basic features that make a fishing trip go more smoothly. Furthermore, these boats do not operate at high speeds, which can make it difficult to get to a favorite fishing spot quickly.

Who should consider using trawler boats?

A trawler boat is a good choice for experienced boaters. Trawler yachts are especially great for retirees who want to spend a lot of time aboard their vessel. Due to the large size of these boats, they are also good choices for large families or groups of friends.

How much does a trawler boat cost?

When looking at a trawler buyers guide, you will find that most new vessels tend to be expensive. A new trawler boat can easily cost more than $500,000. Used boats offer a much more economical option. Used vessels typically cost between $50,000 and $300,000 depending on the age and size of the boat. To make sure you are getting the best deal on a new or used boat, download our guide on how to buy a boat here.

What are the top trawler boat manufacturers?

There are several well-known trawler manufacturers to choose from when selecting a new boat. Some of the best trawler boat brands include the following:

  • Great Harbor
  • Nordhavn
  • Ranger Tugs
  • Helmsman
  • American Tugs
  • Nordic Tugs
  • Ocean Alexander
  • Selene

Where can I find trawler boats?

When looking for a trawler boat, it helps to compare various different models online. The best trawler boats can be compared on websites such as,, and other marketplaces that sell new and used vessels. You can also compare some of these popular models to have a better understanding of which features are available on these boats:

  • Nordhavn 40
  • Ranger Tugs R27
  • Helmsman 37 Sedan
  • Beneteau Swift Trawler 30
  • Nordic Tugs 44


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